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Your essay will be evaluated according to the following rubric:

Grade Assigned

Following Directions

Focus on Topic

Development of Topic

Adherence to Grammar Rules

Style and Creativity

A (18-20 pts)

Student incorporates all required elements into essay and even moves beyond requirements

Student focuses on chosen topic and does not stray from that topic in any way

Student develops the papers topic in a clear, logical progression of easily-followed ideas

Student makes very few errors (less than 5)

Student incorporates several elements of style, such as eloquent language and creative usage of words

B (15-17 pts)

Student incorporates only required elements into essay

Student focuses on topic but forgets to include clear correlations between some information and topic

Student develops the topic well, with few logical errors or weak arguments

Student makes 5-10 grammar errors

Student incorporates some style and creativity in order to improve the paper

C (12-14 points)

Student is missing a few of the required elements in the essay

Student includes some information not related to topic

Student shows some difficulty developing topic in a clear, logical manner

Student makes 10-15 errors

Student uses little creativity and style to improve the paper

D (9-11 points)

Student is missing several of the required elements in the essay

Student skips from topic to topic, losing focus on main idea of the paper

Student does not develop the topic in a clear, logical manner

Student has more than 15 errors

Student makes no clear attempt at improving the paper through the usage of style and creativity

Toni Morrison Webquest Homepage