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Toni Morrison Webquest Homepage
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Introduction:  To begin this web quest, click on the poem titles below and read each poem.

"The African Boy"

"I, Too, Sing America"

Both of the poems above address different historical periods for African American writers.  The first is an excerpt from a poem written just after the Civil Wars end, and the second is a poem written just after the Great Depression.  Both express a sorrowful state for African Americans and their reception in American society.

Task: To better understand why Toni Morrison still sees problems in American society, which may only be addressed by discussing slavery.

Thank you for viewing my web quest.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me through the link below!

Karen Ann McCay

Click here to view an NTeQ lesson on Toni Morrison's BELOVED.

Process: Click on "Resources" below and visit each site in the resource list.  Each website carries clues as to why Toni Morrison still writes about slavery.  Use the information from the websites and their links to respond to the essay prompt found by clicking on "Assignment."