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Welcome to Mushy Fish Sticks!
This site is dedicated to all things mushy and all things fish . . . and all things stick.

Lots of things are mushy, not just fish sticks.  Mud is mushy.  Dog poo is mushy.  Ripe bananas are mushy, and i hate them more than dog poo.
Lots of things are like fish.  My kid swims real fast like a fish.  My dog smells kind of like a fish when it rains.  My cat sometimes eats our gold fish, and then he smells like fish, too.  Sometimes growlers float like fish.
I love sticks.  You can beat people with them real good, and you can burn them.  Burning stuff is always cool.  Besides, sticks are skinny, and anything skinny in our culture is good.

Mushy Fish Sticks

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