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Toni Morrison Webquest Homepage


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Use the information you found on the links from the "Resources" page to answer the following prompt:

What does Toni Morrison want to change about current American society, and how does she use her writing to begin working this change?  Do you agree with Morrison that something is desperately wrong with America, or do you think things are fine?  Why do you feel the way you do?


To answer this prompt, you may refer to the sources listed above and to any of Toni Morrisons books, which you think apply to your answer.  Your essay should be two pages, typed, double spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font with a 1 inch margin all around.  Your answer should show clear focus on one topic, which should be presented in a thesis statement.  Your answer should also be logically developed and easy to read.  Finally, your response essay should use style and creativity to appeal to the audience.

Toni Morrison Webquest Homepage

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